Summer Hike on Mt. Sunapee

One of the many Summer hikes led by the SRK Greenway this year was a trip up Mount Sunapee.  Dave Gardner and Nick Baer led a group of more than 20 hikers of all ages up to Lake Solitude and eventually the summit of Sunapee. It was a beautiful day for hiking with lots of smiles to go around.

The group met at the Mount Sunapee campground near the ski area Sun Bowl and hiked the Rim Trail that connects to the Newbury Trail. The Newbury Trail comes up from Newbury Harbor and is SRK Greenway Trail #1.  The Newbury Trail took us up to the Jack and June Junction and the spectacular views on the White Ledges above Lake Solitude.   

After a lunch overlooking Lake Solitude with Mt Kearsarge in the distance, we hiked up to the summit of Mount Sunapee and then back down to the campground parking lot.


Luckily for us Jim Block joined us on this hike. Feel free to check out his website for more photos of this great hike.


The Ragged 75 Stage Race

The Ragged 75 Stage Race


The Ragged 75-mile Stage Race runs/hikes around the SRK Greenway trail system over 3 days with over 13,500 feet of elevation gain. Come out and cheer on this year’s group of ultra-runners from August 11 – 13. They will start and finish at the Ragged Mountain Ski Lodge. The SRK Greenway was the venue for this 3-day stage race in 2014 and 2015 and we are excited that the Greenway will be used again for these amazing athletes. For more information on the event go to