Summer Hikes 2017

Join us for a hike this Summer 
We are pleased to offer a selection of hikes every summer. While some take place on SRKG trails, others explore new places and opportunities. Be sure to contact the trip leader at least one day in advance to register your interest, learn where and when to meet, and find out if any special conditions exist. Always carry a good supply of water, a snack, and layers of clothing to prepare for possible weather conditions.
 SRK Summer hike Sunapee 2016
Summer Hikes on the SRK Greenway! 

Saturday, June 24  Join us for a Family Hike up Mt. Sunapee to Lake Solitude and the white ledges. Fantastic views and a fun hike for the entire family. Moderate difficulty and approximately 5 miles round trip.  For more information email Dave Gardner at

Saturday, July 1  Join Lee Carvalho and her hearty gang of outdoor enthusiasts as they make an attempt upon “The Bulkhead”. Hiking in through the Proctor woodlands to the Bulkhead vista. You can expect excellent views that are worth the extra effort. This hike will be difficult, steep and approximately 3 miles. For more information contact Lee Carvalho at

Saturday, July 15 Join us on SRK Greenway Trail #10 from the athletic fields at Proctor Academy in Andover up to the Winslow State Park on Mt. Kearsarge. This is a fantastic 6-mile hike with 1,300 feet of elevation gain. Hike through old Class VI roads and snowmobile trails up the side of Kearsarge and eventually ending up on Twist Hill Road and the Winslow State Park. For more information contact Anne Hewitt at or (603) 848-5762

Saturday, July 22  Join Andy Hager and other members of the SRK Trail Crew for a trail work day on the Greenway.  There are many sections of the Greenway trail that need attention. The details and exact location of the work will be determined by how many people join the crew.  For more information contact Andy Hager at or (603) 470-6009

Sunday, July 30  Join Nathan Richer for an 8.5 mile Trail Run. Starting at Kearsarge Valley Road in Sutton and running up the Lincoln Trail to the summit of Kearsarge. This will be a difficult Trail Run with significant elevation gain. Out and back approximately 8.5 miles. For more information contact Nathan Richer at or (603) 344-0287

Saturday, August 19  Join Susan and Mike Chiarella for a hike into the Gile State Forest in Springfield. This is a moderate day hike with some steep and uneven terrain. Approximately 5 miles. For more information contact Susan Chiarella at

For the latest hike schedule visit the calendar on our website at

Newbury Trail Crew


The Newbury Trail Crew consisted of (from left to right) Greg Labrie, Skylar Bergeron, Carl Hubbard, Warren Quinlan, Dave Gardner and Nathan Richer (not shown).

The Newbury Trail Crew consisted of (from right to left) Greg Labrie, Skylar Bergeron, Carl Hubbard, Warren Quinlan, Dave Gardner and Nathan Richer (not shown).


The Newbury Trail Crew

Working with the John Stark High School chapter of the National Honor Society the SRK Trail Crew had a very productive workday in Newbury on Friday May 19th.

The crew concentrated their work on improving the Trail to the East of the old Bartlett Road between Newbury Harbor and Chalk Pond (SRK Trail #14).  We spent time clearing blow-downs and cutting back encroaching vegetation and generally widening and improving the trail. That section of the Greenway was poorly marked and difficult to follow so we added a significant amount of SRK blazes to better mark the trail. 

It was a great group that volunteered their time to help improve our trails. Nathan Richer led the trail crew along with assistance from Dave Gardner. A special thanks to the National Honor Society at John Stark High School and Jake Morrill for the support.