Springfield: Webster Pass Trail now open

SRK Greenway Trail #5, which runs from Rte 114 in Springfield to Pleasant Lake in New London, is open again for thru-hiking.  Earlier this year there was a logging operation near Webster Pass in Springfield. Please use extreme caution and common sense in this area while we work to improve the trail.


Andover:  Trail #10 Dawes Road Detour

SRK Greenway Trail #10 in Andover will be detoured during electrical transmission line maintenance. Eversource suggests taking a detour from Bridge Rd onto the Northern Rail Trail headed West and then taking Kearsarge Mtn Road to connect to Dawes Road and continue on the SRK Greenway. Maintenance is expected to be completed in Spring 2019.



Wilmot Center Trail Closed

SRK Greenway Trail #8 in Wilmot Center that goes between Patterson Rd and Eagle Pond Rd is closed. The SRK Trail crew is working on the situation please stay tuned for a re-route. 


Andover Bridge Closed

The bridge over the Black Water River on SRK Greenway Trail #10 is now closed.  This bridge is located just after crossing the rail trail going from Proctor Academy to Winslow State Park. There is a significant hole on one side of the bridge and has been deemed not safe for travel.  A detour has been established to utilize the rail trail to Bridge St. 
Please use caution and common sense until the bridge has been properly repaired.


Sutton: Lincoln Trail #11 — Kearsarge Valley Road Trailhead is Open

SRK Greenway Trail #11 between Kearsarge Valley Road and Mastin Road has had significant logging in the recent past and the trail is difficult to follow. But, the logging operation has finished and the trail has been re-blazed and is open for foot traffic as of May 2019.  Please use extreme caution and common sense while the SRK Trail Crew continues to re-establish the trail in this section.

See this blogpost regarding a reroute using Mastin Road to connect you with the Trail in the SPNHF Black Mountain Preserve and avoid the logging area.


Sutton: Kearsarge Valley Trail #12 is Open

SRK Greenway Trail #12 between Kearsarge Valley Road and Shaker Road at Exit 10 of I-89 is now open after a massive logging operation. A new re-routed trail for this section is open and SRK Greenway trail markers are up. However, please be advised that the volunteer Trail Crew will continue to clean-up and improve this trail as time allows.

Please use extreme caution and common sense on this section of the Trail.


Thank you for your patience.


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